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Ferrarelle is a well known brand of sparkling water that is rich in minerals. Sourced from the Riardo Springs in Italy, this water has been providing people with health benefits since the 1700's. Containing a blend of potassium, bicarbonate and silicon, the effervescent lightness of Ferrarelle makes it a uniquely refreshing beverage. Ferrarelle sparkling mineral water is a nice alternative to the traditional beverages served with meals. The natural sparkling water from Ferrarelle starts out as rainfall on the Roccamonfina volcano. The rain makes its way into the underlying layers of the volcano where it is enriched with minerals. As the water continues its underground journey it eventually reaches the surface in a nearby spring where it is captured and bottled. The calcium, potassium, magnesium and silica contained within the water provide many health benefits. In addition to nourishing skin cells, the minerals help maintain healthy muscle tissue and regulate the heart.