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Water comes from many different places around the world. In fact, an estimated 71% of the Earth is made up of water! With so many varieties, we take our time to analyze the flavor notes and reviews from across the internet, helping you make the right decision about what the right refreshment is for you. We test bottled water brands such as glacial, spring, volcanic, artesian, and much more. Each type of water is then listed on our site in terms of Top Bottled Water Brands per category and overall, as well.

Best Bottled Water Brand Types

Artesian Bottled Water

Artesian water comes from pressurized, terrestrial aquifers. Artesian bottled water can be collected when a well taps an aquifer.

Glacial Bottled Water

Water from the world's glaciers have a unique and refreshing taste, and they often come from naturally replenishing sources.

Spring Bottled Water

Bottled spring water comes from the natural situation when water flows from an aquifer. This water often gains a region-specific flavor profile.

Volcanic Bottled Water

Water which is naturally processed through volcanic filtration acquires a unique flavor and level of purity rivaled only by that of glacial water.